Our Company

We are a consulting firm that delivers bespoke solutions in Focused Strategies, Salesforce Efficiency, Brand Awareness and Business Leadership.

Our Vision

Our vision is based entirely on helping our clients transform their customer engagement, sales & marketing strategies, operating models, organisational structure, and leadership practices to consistently out perform their competitors

Our Promise

To deliver solutions that ensure our clients build a business that not just overachieves today, but is positioned to do so well into the future

Access our expertise

We spend time getting to know you, your market and your customers, so that we can design, implement and measure the RIGHT strategies for success

The 3 C’s Pathway to Success


We look at your business from all angles, including your budgets & targets, customers, channel to market and current strategies.


Having a full picture enables us to produce plans and strategies that will have the maxiumum impact on your business.


Effectively communicating these plans to all stakeholders will incease the effectiveness and produce the desired ongoing results.

Innovative solutions that are specific to your actual needs

Innovative solutions that are specific to your actual needs

What people are saying about us

Complete Circle Consulting have been an absolute inspiration in the creation of iHerp Australia. They have provided indispensable technical expertise and advice, and worked tirelessly on the creation of a website, social media, and the selection and establishment magazine’s electronic platform.

They have a single-mindedness that drives projects to successful completion. Complete Circle Consulting think creatively and possess a breadth of knowledge and experience that would make them an invaluable asset to any business.

John McGrath

Publiser, iHerp Australia

Without the insight and forward thinking of Complete Circle Consulting my business would have failed a long time ago. I really appreciate the fact they are continually engaged; offering alternative solutions and out of the box thinking to drive my business forward. They treat my business as if it were there own, and go to great lengths to make sure that it florishes.

If you want to work with a consulting company that cares, then this is the company for you.

Sam Wood

Owner, Inbalance Aquariums

Our only interest is your bottom line